Jörg Engler – about me

About me | Jörg V. Engler | *1965

My Story

In my early childhood and during my youth I experienced a lot of violence. In addition, I experienced painful sexual abuse. During this time I became depressed, tried to take my life, …was revived.

After my breakdown in 2010, I experienced a real miracle in a clinic. My life finally became whole.

How did that happen?

Through concrete prayer based on the Word of God and through His specific intervention, I experienced complete spiritual healing. This “encounter” with the living God of the Bible changed my thinking, my whole life. He made me free. This peace has existed since my healing. Today I live in an indescribable gratitude to God and people.

Today I live for the vision “BUS 4 Hope”. That is my concern, to pass on this message of hope, healing, security and acceptance.

To share what I myself have experienced in my own body. Life chances that were thought lost were restored to me.

The Church must be able to come to the people, especially in these times; to this end, I would like to make a difference together with many more people.

I am convinced: My life was restored for this as well.

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