Experience reports

At local events, we want to share what many individual people – regardless of their background or cultural imprint – have experienced in a groundbreaking way with this Jesus. We want to share what it means to know him, to believe and trust him, to love him!

To be able to trust and believe, one must first hear and understand, as well as have space to perceive. We would like to share this with others through many different examples and biographies of people of all ages who have had a healing experience with Him, based on what they have experienced themselves.

These experiences are almost incomprehensible to human beings because they originate from God’s supernatural power. One of the shortest verses in the Bible gives the motif: God is love.Let us ask ourselves this question: if people really knew how good God our Father in heaven is, would you love Him? Could they then face their own challenges in a completely different way?

Jesus tells us in his word, the Bible:

Come to me! All of you who are at the end of your rope, worn out and discouraged: I want to give you rest and new strength.

(Gospel of Matthew 11:28)

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We as human beings are invited to personally unload burdens and worries to Jesus. And then to take a lasting breath. Everything that ails us we can completely surrender to God and receive new strength from Him. He promises us endurance and a deep peace, gives us unexpected new joy!


Thus, we see our mission as helping people of all ages, but especially young people, through selected programming at the Bus of Hope events.

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