The mission

Our motive is: God’s love. We want to bring hope for life to people. Sharing moving healing experiences in an understandable way. Telling touching and authentic life stories and giving new courage and confidence. The whole thing accompanied by top-class musical performance. To this end, people of different ages and cultural backgrounds share extraordinary experiences with the living God of the Bible. They tell about his experienced love and also about restoration of life chances that were thought to be lost. They report healing and salvation.

Equally important to us is listening and helping, responding to real needs of people seeking help, and building relationships. It is important to us to give every person the opportunity to hear the healing and saving Word of God and to experience the love of God for the first time or even anew. It is important for us to offer people suitable accompaniment and to provide very practical help or arrange professional assistance. That’s what we’re all about. We want to share hope for life with people.

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